Walking the road to
great AR design

Walking the road to great AR design

Community First

It all starts with inspiration, and our inspiration comes from you. From our inception, we've aimed to be open, our MVP was in the hands of users in less than a month, we publicly shared the results of our beta testing, and you can speak to the founder (the guy actually writing this) anytime.

We believe in the potential of AR and we too want to make great content for it. So, wiARframe is built for us to learn together, to co-design, and to discover what great AR is and build the tools we need to make it.

Product First (it's a tie)

Developing Augmented Reality is complicated but its design shouldn't be! We want you to be able to effortlessly prototype AR ideas in minutes because we know that the quicker we can iterate, the quicker we can learn, and the better we can design.

Thus, wiARframe is not a power user tool, there is no textbook from O'Reilly because you won't need it. In fact, you won't need much; no coding skills, no prior knowledge, just a good idea (and we're working on removing that requirement too).

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Your work just flows

We're dreamers but we're also realists. We want to design for the future but we want to do it today - not in the future. wiARframe is designed to fit seamlessly into your workflow today.

Cloud Based Editor

Lightweight responsive web-based editor, so you can work in comfort on your computer, at your desk or favourite coffee shop.

Inspired by Simplicity

We're unashamedly inspired by minimalist 2D design tools like Invision, Sketch and Marvel. Designing in wiARframe just feels familiar.

Let them see your vision

Whether for a client pitch, or your kid's science project, we know the importance of being able to easily preview your creations in AR and share them with others.

iOS & Android Apps

Experience your projects instantly in the mobile app - no code compiling, no device pairing, just log in to your account or open a shared link.

Powered by ARKit & ARCore

Rest assured that as Apple and Google push the boundaries of mobile AR, wiARframe will follow, giving you more bang for your proverbial buck.


Redesign reality together

Don't know what to make, that's a good thing. We're building a platform that promotes openness and experimentation. A safe place to inspire and be inspired.

This is the Remix

Browse and experience wiARframes in the mobile app, then remix them, as the starting point for your next experiment.

Written by you

Link your wiARframes direct to blog posts where you share your process. Then discuss further in the .


We saved the best bit till last. Whilst we are building a professional grade platform, we hold inclusion as a core value. So in addition to a paid professional plan, we offer a free plan focussed on experimentation and sharing.

In order to ensure stable growth, we're staggering invitations for the free plan, so get in the line quick.



Unlimited Open Projects
1 Private Project*
Limited Asset Uploads
*everyone deserves some privacy



Building AR projects now, and need more power. Work directly with us to design your perfect solution.

Intuitive platform for learning the basics of AR

wiARframe just closed the gap for design practitioners looking to prototype in augmented reality.

Brandon Schmittling User Experience Lead at Huge