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Effortless AR Prototyping

The World's 1st dedicated AR prototyping tool.
Effortlessly design and prototype interactive AR Apps.
No code. No complexity. Just Great Design.

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Our Vision

We will only achieve phenomenal potential of Augmented Reality when the world's best designers can apply their skills to the medium. We're building wiARframe to ensure that happens. Read our vision for AR Prototyping

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Designer Focused

Become an AR designer without games engines, 3D knowledge, coding or expensive equipment - based on familiar design principles.

AR First (& Only)

Designed exclusively for AR Prototyping, with intelligent defaults and an intuitive minimalist interface - work without clutter.

Edit in the Cloud

Lightweight, responsive web-based editor, allows you to work from anywhere, with anyone - the best way to create

Preview in the App

Share & experience creations in real-time in the wiARframe App on your ARKit/ARCore compatible device - the best way to consume

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